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Competition schedule changed

STEM Robotic Competition 2020 is postponed according to EDB annoucement dated 13th February.

The new competition date of secondary divisions is 25th April, 2020.

Workshops of secondary divisions will be held on 28th-29th of March 2020.

Competition of Primary division will be postponed to the early half of July, 2020.

Concrete date will be released later.

For more details, please click "Competition Details".

Home Study of the Robot Competition and Resources Download

We hope teachers have received our invitation e-mail well. Please reply to confirm participation.

Although schools are suspended in February, we have uploaded STEM Robot Competition Presentation PPT and other resources. Students can study information therein and start coding.

You may also start your 3D Printing design to win the competition.

Schools and teachers can help out by printing and setup the arena to wait for school days.

All resources can be download here.

As a kind reminder, winning teams will accept challenges from various CTO, department managers, and researchers in University of California. Without strong foundation in STEM, it is difficult to pass these challenges. Regard this Robot Competition as a basic requirement only. Before the tour to California, we will explain the Challenges and release study hints. All winning students are REQUIRED to participate.

Competition schedule changed

Due to the situation about Novel Corona Virus, we decide to postpone the STEM Robotic Competition.

We have changed the Competition schedule, including competition date, learning workshop date and Primary division Practice workshop date.

And, the deadline for registration is extended to 17th February, 2020.

For more details, please click "Competition Details".

Senior Secondary Division - Explorer Battle Video Uploaded

We have uploaded Senior Secondary Division - Explorer Battle video.

For more details, please click "Competition Details".

Primary Division - Learning and Practice Workshop schedule updated

The schedule of Primary Division Learning and Practice Workshop has been changed.

For more details, please click "Free Pre-Competition Coding Workshops".

Registration NOW OPEN!

Registration for the Competition is now open! To register now, please click the "Register Now" button on the menu bar or the right of this page.

For more details about the Competition, please click "Competition Details" on the menu bar.

Registration will start soon!

Registration for the Competition will start soon, stay tuned.